HIM: I wasn’t expecting this. About five years ago a short blonde meteor exploded into my life. At the time I only had eyes for her wit, a charm which could move mountains and a brain which was usually three steps in front of me. (My eyes for her eyes; aye that can be taken as read).
Years later… I am delighted to say that she has agreed to become my wife. God knows what has happened; chloroform possibly; divine intervention definitely. But time to thank ones lucky stars and look to the future. Grin.

HER: WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! Joe finally asked me… and this was after a lengthy negotiation resulting in a resolution to the issues that had caused discord previously (the main one being that Joe has decided that he no longer has to live the life of a nomad in a yurt!!) I am marrying my best friend and yes it is useful to have a big, strong man about the place for reaching high shelves and carrying heavy objects, that and he still makes my knees go wobbly. Life certainly shouldn’t be boring.