Jacob’s Well Village Hall

Please come to our wedding celebration on the evening of the 11th August 2017, about 6ish.

Jacob’s Well Village Hall

Jacobs Well Road
Jacobs Well

It transpires that we are more loved than we knew – and due to numbers have moved the venue.

So, the festivities will now be held at Jacob’s Well Hall. We had originally discarded this as the outside looks like a cheerfully abandoned scout hut… but we changed our minds:

  1. Upon viewing, the inside didn’t look like an abandoned scout hut
  2. For an abandoned scout hut the amount of parking is phenomenal (though Joe was sort of interested in what 40+ cars fighting for the one space in Bridge Road could have looked like)
  3. It is within throwing distance of our place, which makes the caterers happier.
  4. There is ample space for revelling and prancing.

Transport – Closest train station is Guildford. We have to finish the night at 11.30pm. The station is a bit of a trek so taxis are recommended – please let me know if you plan to catch one and I will have a suitable number prepped.

Any problems let us know!

Toodle pip,

Joe & Olivia.